Ceramic Scalpels

What Is a Scalpel Used For?

Metal and, more recently, ceramic scalpels are typically associated with surgical use: cutting skin and tissue during surgical procedures. As such, standard scalpels are extremely sharp so the surgeon can penetrate skin with as little pressure as possible.

Due to their blade shape and thin handle profile, though, scalpels are also used in a variety of laboratory, manufacturing, and crafting applications. In the majority of these cases, the sharpness associated with typical scalpels is excessive and poses an unnecessary laceration risk to the user.

Slice® remedies this with our 10574 and 10568 ceramic safety scalpels. Our scalpels feature the Slice patent-pending finger-friendly® edge that cuts materials effectively but is safe enough to touch. This safeguards users from accidental cuts and painful injuries. No other blades, be they metal or ceramic, feature Slice’s safety design.