Seam Rippers

What Is a Seam Ripper?

Seam rippers are tools designed to slide between sewn stitches and gently cut the thread without tearing at the surrounding fabric. They allow the user to cut, hook, and remove the thread from a seam, and they’re a life saver for tailors and seamstresses everywhere. Whether you’re altering a garment or fixing a mistake, these handy tools are just as critical in the world of sewing as an eraser is in the world of sketching.

The answer to the question: “What are seam rippers used for?”, however, is a bit different because, inevitably, once a tool is invented, humans find new uses for it. So this little gadget is more than just a sewing stitch remover. Seam ripper uses include detailed cutting and carving of soft media like clay, slipping into narrow cracks to cut tape or clean out a join, and cutting any material that needs to be hooked first, such as yarn that’s already been woven or knit into a fabric.