30 Litre Protected Access Yellow Sharps Container (Pack of 2)


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Sharpsafe 30 Litre Protected Access Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and Out-patients, the Protected Access 24L allows easy disposal of sharps but provides added security for both the user and the general public.

The Protected Access range also discourages the use of the sharps container for non sharps waste, avoiding unnecessary waste disposal costs.

30L Nominal Capacity Protected access insert for added security Particularly suited for high volume areas.

Designed for open access areas such as A&E depts.

Semi Translucent Lid – contents visible when full. In-mould label – offers permanent audit trail which cannot be removed.

Large Horizontal Fill Area Temporary & Final Closure Feature Simple 4 Click Assembly

Dimensions: L 450mm x W 230mm x H 415mm

Order Code: 41802430

Capacity: 30L

Usable Capacity to Fill Line: 23.6 Litre

Weight 1.244kg

Complies with UN 3291 and BS EN ISO 23907:2012 standard

NHS Supply Chain Code:FSL285