Qlicksmart Bladeflask Blade Remover QFYUKSM (Single Pack)

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QLICKSMART BladeFLASK The BladeFLASK scalpel blade remover is simple to use with a quick, single-handed “push, click, and pull” action to remove and contain used scalpel blades. Used together with a hands-free passing technique, the Qlicksmart BladeFLASK can prevent up to 5 times more injuries than a safety scalpel. Usage Instruction: The scalpel handle is inserted in to the Qlicksmart unit, blade first, until a distinct click is heard The handle can then be withdrawn and the blade is contained within the Qlicksmart unit, no fingers, no forceps, no reheating and no injury. The Qlicksmart unit will hold up to 100 blades and features a counter with an automatic shut off mechanism to eliminate jamming or mechanism failure due to overfilling. Sold Separately: The Qlicksmart Mounting Bracket is needed to affix this to a flat surface.

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