Qlicksmart Snap It Lite Personal Regular Grey Ampoule Opener (Single Pack)


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QLICKSMART Snap It Lite Personal Regular Grey (Single) Qlicksmart SnapIT is a simply safer way to open glass ampoules and avoid painful and dangerous sharps injuries.This easy-to-use multi-use ampoule opener helps to avoid unacceptable sharps injuries rates seen when ampoules are opened by hand. Opening ampoules is a particularly high-risk event with 26% of needlestick and sharps injuries (NSIs) being caused by opening an ampoule or by broken ampoules.The device was invented by a registered nurse in Rockhampton, Qld, Australia who recognised that millions of tamperproof glass ampoules are used each year within health care and related practice to contain pharmaceuticals.The practical benefits are clear however the injury rates have always been significant. You simply insert the ampoule lid into the multi use SnapIT making sure you have the correct size. If there is a dot on the ampoule then align this with the dot on the SnapIT. Snap "away" from your body to open the ampoule. You can then eject the glass ampoule lid directly into a sharps container. The Qlicksmart SnapIT Lite ampoule opener Lite edition is made from a sturdy and high quality plastic. It is perfect for hanging on a lanyard or carrying in a pocket for easy, on-the-go use to open glass ampoules. A hexagonal anti-roll collar ensures the SnapIT ampoule opener remains stable when placed on a table or trolley. The Regular size Snap-It can be used with ampoules of 1-2ml, 5-10ml and 10-15 ml. Please check our store for other versions including Trolley Edition for 5-10ml and 20-25ml ampoules.