Refill for Child Care First Aid Kit

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1 x Bandage, Tubular Finger 1m with applicator

4 x Bandages, Triangular

5 x Dressing Pads, Low Adherent 5cm x 5cm

2 x Dressings, Eye Pad

2 x Dressings, HSE Large 18cm x 18cm

6 x Dressings, HSE Medium 12cm x 12cm

2 x Gloves, Pairs

1 x Guidance Leaflet

20 x Plasters, Washproof Assorted

1 x Resuscitation Face Shield

8 x Safety Pins

1 x Scissors

5 x Swabs, Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm

1 x Tape, Microporous

6 x Wipes, Cleansing