Slice 10515 Manual Mini Cutter Black/Orange


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As a manual retraction version of our popular Mini Cutter, the 10515 comes with all the same benefits: onboard magnet, easy blade change for left-handed use, and finger-friendly® blade. For repetitive cutting, users find manual retraction an easier way to handle cutting tools: just set the blade to the exposed position and cut away. Be sure to fully retract the blade after use. The 10515 ships with a rounded-tip blade and is compatible with optional pointed-tip blades, all with the same edge design that makes them safer to handle than traditional blades. Slice blades last up to 11 times longer than steel, saving money and fingers at the same time.

Why Slice?
• Slice patented safety blades are safer than traditional blades
• Slice blades last up to 11.2x longer than steel blades
• fewer blade changes means less downtime and fewer injuries
• Slice blades never rust, do not conduct electricity, are non-sparking, and are non-magnetic
• Slice blades are oil and lubricant free
• safer finger-friendly® edge cuts materials effectively
• blades are 100 percent recyclable