Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife Black/Orange


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This heavy-duty utility knife combines strength and safety for a game-changing update to the traditional jackknife. Featuring a finger-friendly® grind unique to Slice®, the 10562 is safe to the touch and cuts materials effectively. Convenient design features include a comfortable finger loop for safe and controlled cuts, no-tool blade change, a quick-release lock, and a belt clip. This knife ships with a rounded-tip safety blade, but is compatible with an optional pointed-tip blade. All Slice blades are chemically inert, non-magnetic, non-conductive, and never rust.

Why Slice?
• Slice patented safety blades are safer than traditional blades
• Slice blades last up to 11.2x longer than steel blades
• fewer blade changes means less downtime and fewer injuries
• Slice blades never rust, do not conduct electricity, are non-sparking, and are non-magnetic
• Slice blades are oil and lubricant free
• safer finger-friendly® edge cuts materials effectively
• blades are 100 percent recyclable