Slice 10583 Safety Cutter Ring Black/Orange


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This Safety Cutter Ring from Slice offers precision and control through a micro-ceramic blade that moves with your finger. Slip the comfortable silicone ring onto the tip of either index finger and pull your hand along the line you want to cut. This unique tool is ideal for paper, packing tape, and clamshell packaging. The included silicone adapter ring ensures that the 10583 will fit everyone; for larger fingers, simply remove the adapter. Equipped with a finger-friendly® blade, the Safety Cutter Ring cuts effectively but is safe to the touch. Its advanced ceramic blade lasts up to 11 times longer than steel. Reduce repetitive strain injuries and lower costs with the innovative Safety Cutter Ring.

Why Slice?
• Slice patented safety blades are safer than traditional blades
• Slice blades last up to 11.2x longer than steel blades
• fewer blade changes means less downtime and fewer injuries
• Slice blades never rust, do not conduct electricity, are non-sparking, and are non-magnetic
• Slice blades are oil and lubricant free
• safer finger-friendly® edge cuts materials effectively
• blades are 100 percent recyclable