Slice 10585 Manual Carton Cutter Grey/Orange


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The 10585’s blade remains stationary while its acetone-resistant metal sheath slides up to protect the blade, or down to expose it. Held in a durable reinforced nylon housing, the installed ceramic utility blade protrudes at just the right angle to effectively cut boxboard and cardboard, without putting the user at any unnecessary risk. The blade’s rounded tip prevents accidental punctures and its edge features Slice®’s finger-friendly® grind, which is safe to the touch. The ambidextrous carton cutter’s slim, lightweight handle fits easily in your palm or pocket. Blade options include the 10526 (installed) and the 10528 (pointed tip). As with all Slice tools, the blades are non-conductive, non-magnetic, chemically inert, and will never rust.

Why Slice?
• Slice patented safety blades are safer than traditional blades
• Slice blades last up to 11.2x longer than steel blades
• fewer blade changes means less downtime and fewer injuries
• Slice blades never rust, do not conduct electricity, are non-sparking, and are non-magnetic
• Slice blades are oil and lubricant free
• safer finger-friendly® edge cuts materials effectively
• blades are 100 percent recyclable